Why Touring?

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Why Touring?

Between 1594 and 1603, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men played almost continuously in London, touring only when the threat of plague forced them to leave the city.

In 1598 the company took an unusual step when disease again threatened the closure of London’s theatres. One summer night they dismantled The Theatre – their home up until that time – and rebuilt it on the other side of the river, thus giving birth to the now famous Globe. In effect we recreate this act, by dismantling our theatre and reconstructing it on a regular basis as we move around the country.

Touring had been the staple of actors’ lives before the creation of permanent theatres. Today it gives The Lord Chamberlain’s Men the opportunity to take theatre to all parts of the country, providing access to Shakespeare for communities who might otherwise have little chance to experience his work.

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