The Comedy of Errors 2017

“Open air theatre as it should be and at its very, very best” BBC

The Comedy of Errors 2017

In our 13th year we premiered our show at the prestigious Brighton Festival. Following that we headed off around the UK to take in the full array of dazzling venues that we are fortunate enough to play year after year. It was an eventful, drizzly summer but nothing could dampen this riotous romp; another fantastic year.

“Action by the cartload in this accomplished production. Every actor has a fantastic command of the traditional Shakespearian language, and after the first few minutes, the audience totally forgets that everything is in Old English, it appears to issue from the mouths of these guys so naturally.
All in all, it’s a great night out.” The Reviews Hub

Director: Peter Stickney
Designer: Morgan Brind
Musical Director: Alex Beetschen
Choreography: Darren Royston
Movement Director: Stephen Harper
Costume Design: Polly Laurence
Costume Maker: Planet Costume Services
Voice coach: Jacquie Crago
Cast: Robert Elkin, Barney Healy-Smith, George Howard, Alasdair James MacLaughlin, Danann McAleer, Joseph Phelps and James Sidwell

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